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We develop leaders to be more effective change agents. We're a network of seasoned organization development (OD) and diversity practitioners.  We focus on creating great organizations that are good for people, good for performance, and good for the planet.  We’re collaborating on the Diversity Immersion initiative because, as Rachel Carson said, “Knowing what I do, there would be no future peace for me if I kept silent.”

Our economic ecosystem thrives when everybody has a sense of belonging. There are decades of economic and sociological data to support the benefits of diversity, equity, & inclusion (DEI). Yet, cultures are slow to change, effective action is lagging, and entrenched economic interests slow progress. Many leaders who want to address systemic barriers to diversity, equity and inclusion are feeling stretched.  They either don't have the support they need, don't have the capacity (skills, knowledge, strategies), don't have the time or resources, or are unable or unwilling to commit to the long-haul.  Diversity Immersion is an approach to help you accelerate and sustain change.

There are many strands to the work of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Topics span race, gender, civil discourse, age, implicit bias, sexual orientation, gender identity, immigration, class, culture, religion, and more. Our focus is on the core dynamics that intersect across the strands, and the skills to address them. Our experience and research tell us that there is not a roadmap to how you change entrenched cultures and systems. But there is a path and a direction.  We are building the road forward by walking it.