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diversity immersion susan gallant

Diversity Immersion

Purpose: To seed change in our economic ecosystem by creating cultures of reflective action and inclusion.

Seven reasons to invest

  1. Enhance your ability to observe and intervene in a variety of diversity related situations
  2. More effectively lead change across difference
  3. Improve performance by strengthening your equity, inclusion, and diversity strategy
  4. Create conditions to drive innovation, foster creativity, and guide strategic decisions
  5. Develop skills, tools, and strategies to leverage your positional and discretionary power
  6. More skillfully engage in difficult conversations across lines of difference
  7. Improve utilization and retention rates of diverse people

Who Should Attend

Diversity Immersion is appropriate for leaders and change agents who have a commitment to change, grow, and make a difference. We would like a cohort of participants from a cross-section of our economic ecosystem. Examples: technology, health care, philanthropy, human resources, policy advisors, bankers, investors, education, small business, start-ups, established firms, students, lawyers, consultants, retail, manufacturing, etc.